Welcome to my journey of challenge, healing, inspiration and adventure.


"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso


Taking some laps w @seakingalpha this weekend. It went by too fast! 🏁👍🏼 #323 #mortify #needforspeed


Posted day 1 & 2 of my Camino de Santiago adventure up on my blog. Read about my experiences, check out photos and watch some video of the trail. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! More to come soon... http://charvine.com/blog/ or link in bio. #illpushyoucamino2019 #accessiblecamino19 #straightup #inspiration #community #sci #athlete


Remembering my grandma today on what would have been here 101st birthday. I miss her smile and the long talks we would have about everything and anything. It was so cool to be able to take a stroll with her and our walkers before she passed on earlier this year. Grateful for all the memories. ❤️


The community that came together to make the Camino trip a success was quite humbling to be a part of. I’ve never seen so many people give so much so selflessly. I miss the daily camaraderie and seeing all of your beautiful faces. ❤️ #illpushyoucamino2019 #givers #accessiblecamino19 #caminofamily #community


A week later and Spain is still on my brain. It did not disappoint. Such an enlightening experience, so many moments I’ll treasure. Before tackling the Camino, @amie_zawacki and I gained a few pounds eating our way through Barcelona. Check out my blog for additional photos and perspective. http://charvine.com/eating-barcelona-up/ #barcelona #straightup


Inspired by all the people cheering me on. Thanks @davidwattsbarton for the great article in today’s @sacramentobee. If you don’t buy the paper you can check it out here https://amp.sacbee.com/sports/article234767812.html And big thanks to @permobilmanual for building me a bad ass trail chair! I’m excited to share the next part of this pilgrimage, follow my blog for updates. Link in bio. Only a few more days till I leave! #sacramentobee #illpushyoucamino2019 #straightup #tilite #permobil #perimobilmanual


Life will always put challenges in front of you, it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. Don’t let them beat you, keep pushing through them with all you have and you will reach your goals on the other side! Read more about what I had to push through to get to my dream of pushing the Camino de Santiago on my blog (link in bio) or http://charvine.com/my-pilgrimage-to-my-pilgrimage/ Don’t forget to subscribe to follow me along my journey! #straightup #themovementishappening #illpushyoucamino2019 #dontgiveup #inspirationalquotes


I am grateful to have some of the best people in the biz on my team training me for my upcoming Camino de Santiago hike at the end of Sept. @ironmilefitness owner Ben, (the premier voice of fitness in Sacramento) signed on to help me with the strengthening part. When I found out I will be climbing about 7,000 feel over the 6 days I knew I had to do more than just put miles on my chair everyday. @ironmile_ben has been awesome adapting exercises and encouraging me to push the boundaries of what I thought was possible for this body. Our sessions are always uplifting, educational and full of sweat. We set a goal to bench press 100lbs by the time I leave. I keep trying but I’m not quite there yet, have a few more weeks to make it happen. Thanks Ben and Iron Mile Fitness, I’m gonna eat those hills for breakfast because of you! #illpushyoucamino2019 #straightup #ironmilefitness #adaptivecrossfit #personaltrainer #natomas #sci #themovementishappening #armdayeveryday #tilite #perimobil #perimobilmanual


Reflecting on last weeks successful Nexus Summit. I had the privilege of sharing my story and advocating for the patient again this year. So many inspired ideas of moving into patient forward care in the future. I left with great hope and optimism. Read more of my experience on my blog at www.charvine.com/educating-the-educators-of-health-care #ipe #nexussummit2019 #patientadvocate #patientperspective #sci #betterhealthcare #publicspeaker #themovementishappening #tilite #perimobil


Wrapping up my trip to Minneapolis for the Nexus Summit. Was able to see so much of the city while training for the Camino trip. Cool mix of old and new industry. Hope to be back next year! #minneapolis #pilgrimintraining #citysightseeing #nexussummit2019


Thanks so much for all the birthday lovin’! It doesn’t get much better than good friends, family, exceptional food and the best meteor shower of the year. #blessed #kru #fabforties #leo #shootingstar


Getting my push on in San Francisco today. Instead of wild animals I had a wild robot named Rosie Berbot following me today. She had cameras all over her head with a warning, “you are being recorded”, collecting data on us humans I’m sure. A preview of what’s coming in the future. #foxyrobot #aiiscoming #rosieberbot #youarebeingrecorded